Corporate Information

Katrin BJ is one of the leading Household suppliers in both Malaysia and Singapore. Katrin BJ Pte Ltd was incorporated in August 2002 and has made tremendous inroads into the Singapore retail scene. In the 14 years Katrin BJ Pte Ltd is currently one of the top household suppliers in Singapore. Katrin BJ Pte Ltd is backed up by Katrin BJ Sdn Bhd who is the biggest household supplier in Malaysia.



We continuously strive to be creative and are 100% committed to Marketing. We do not just sell products, we market products. We ensure repeated sales and Brand Building is part of our daily activity. We are reputed to be dynamic and aggressive in our marketing as we always strive to occupy major shelve space in most of the outlets we supply to.



With over 14 years of experience in meeting the demands of our customers and the goodwill that it has accumulated over the year, the Retail Industry sees KBJ as one of the top suppliers of house wares in Malaysia and Singapore.