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Butcher Block

Heavy duty butcher blocks come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are the kindest to your knives.


Slim, lightweight day-to-day cutting boards for urban living.


Medium thick boards for cutting, slicing, carving and serving.


Large, thick, beautiful edge grain construction for professional chefs and serious home cooks alike.

Tescoma s.r.o. with its seat in Zlín maintains a stable leading position on the global market for the manufacture of kitchen utensils. We are a Czech company without foreign capital. Our business is concerned, in particular, with the development, research, design and the subsequent sale of name brand kitchen utensils. Our registered office is situated in Zlín, an industrial centre with a long entrepreneurial tradition that was developed from the first half of the 20th century by the world-famous footwear company Bata.


We have devoted ourselves to these original principles since our incorporation in 1992:
1. Offer a wide range of products of excellent quality for favourable prices
2. Apply and develop our own original designs of kitchen utensils
3. Promote the brand and the reputation of the Czech Republic abroad



Our range includes over 2,500 products for home cooking and professional catering, meal preparation, cooking, dining and presentation of meals. We are number one on the Czech and Slovak markets. We have several manufacturing centres, logistic and administrative centres abroad. Our products can be bought in more than 100 countries worldwide.



The long successful presence of our brand on the international markets is founded on the following:



• we carry out research and development
• we create original design
• we use materials of excellent quality and take care to ensure perfect manufacture of our products
• we offer an exceptionally wide and comprehensive range of kitchen utensils


High-quality table cutlery with excellent surface treatment. Made of high-grade stainless steel. Dishwasher safe. 5-year warranty.


a) table condiment set for domestic use and professional catering alike
b) made of high-grade stainless steel, glass and resistant plastic
c) metal parts surface – high gloss


DELICIA baking sheets are excellent for baking sweet and savoury meals alike. They are provided with a highly resistant non-stick coating that prevents overcooking. Suitable for electric, gas and hot-air ovens. 3-year warranty.


Made of excellent porcelain, for stylish serving of meals. Resistant up to 200 °C, suitable for microwave oven, freezer and dishwasher. 5-year warranty.


Excellent for easy peeling of cucumber, carrots, potatoes, etc. Made of high-grade stainless steel and resistant plastic. Dishwasher safe. 3-year warranty.

Presto Expert

Excellent for easy peeling of potatoes and other vegetables and fruits. Made of resistant plastic, blade of high-grade stainless steel. Dishwasher safe. 3-year warranty.

Presto Sonic

a) kitchen knives with smooth cutting edge for everyday use
b) blade of high-grade stainless steel, ergonomic handle of resistant plastic
c) shaped and ground for maximum effect and safe use

Presto Wood

Kitchen utensils suitable for all types of cookware. Excellent especially for cookware with non-stick coating. They will not damage the surface. Made of highly resistant wood. Elegant handle with anti-skid surface. Do not wash in dishwasher. 3-year warranty.

Space Line

Excellent for gathering and carrying French fries, baked potatoes, roasted potatoes, lasagne, meatballs, etc. from baking sheets, roasters and frying pans. Suitable for all types of cookware, excellent especially for cookware with non-stick coating; it will not damage the surface. Made of excellent heat-resistant nylon. Resistant up to 210 °C. Dishwasher safe. 3-year warranty.

Space Tone

Kitchen utensils suitable for all types of cookware. Excellent for cookware with non-stick coating; it does not cause damage to the surface. Made of excellent heat-resistant nylon. Resistant up to 210 °C.
Do not leave in food for prolonged periods of time; potential colouring caused by food does not represent a fault to the product. Dishwasher safe. 3-year warranty.

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At Trudeau Corporation we are proud to be recognized as a leader in the design and development of kitchenware and houseware products. Since 1889, four successive generations have managed Trudeau Corporation, instilling the values of family and tradition into our corporate culture. We owe our success to the efforts of an experienced and dedicated team, to the creative input of talented design partners and to the expertise of our carefully chosen manufacturers.


Bringing innovation and the perfect combination of simplicity and sophistication to the preparation and presentation of food and drink is a driving force for product development here at Trudeau Corporation. We pride ourselves on offering products of exceptional quality, recognizable by their distinctive Trudeau design.


Our head office, which includes our main showroom and warehouse, is located in Boucherville, Quebec, near Montreal. We also have an office, showroom, and warehouse in Woodridge, Illinois, near Chicago, and satellite offices in Spain, England, the Netherlands and China.

These facilities along with our unparalleled customer service allow us to cater to the needs of our valuable retailers and customers, in over 70 countries. We offer turnkey solutions and a variety of effective merchandising tools to maximize in-store sales for our retail partners.


Drawing on a rich tradition and solid experience in the kitchen and houseware field, we look forward to inspiring foodies with authentic and tasteful products for years to come.

Baking Accessories
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Chopping Boards
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Egg Series
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Kitchen Gadgets
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Mills & Spices

Thanks to our ingenious Perfect Infuser Oil Bottle, your favourite oil’s personality is about to gain a whole new dimension! The virtues of dressed-down oil are many; but for those times when your recipe seems to ask for a little something extra, here’s a creative way to spice things up. Infused oil lends an extra layer of flavour to pastas, salads, pizzas and more. Easily create your own infused inspirations by adding dry herbs or spices of your choice to the perforated chamber. Then taste the magical treat that emerges as the oil passes slowly through the infuser, picking up flavours and aromas along the way!


Introducing some fun and functional seasoning shakers you’re really going to flip your lid over: our Pop Salt and Pepper Shakers. These nifty little numbers feature a quality glass body and a silicone lid that pops open with a simple press of your finger, for easy one-handed operation. They keep salt dry and pepper fresh, so next time you need a sprinkle of salt or punch of pepper to perk up a meal, just pop the top!

Stress Less

Built-in cleaning-aid
Large garlic clove chamber
Soft comfortable handles

Tea Series

Removable tea infuser
DW insulation prevents condensation
Easy-fill 2nd opening


Open wine bottles in an instant with our automatic lever corkscrew! The non-stick coated sharp-edged spiral lets you remove corks effortlessly in a simple upward motion. All you need to do is grip the body of the corkscrew and lower and raise the arm. This corkscrew also comes with a magnetic foil cutter that clips to the base for easy storage. Let the delicate flavours of wine come to life with this essential bar accessory. Best of all? This original Trudeau design comes with a lifetime warranty. Cheers to that!